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Tender Opportunity Jan 2021

23rd January, 2021

Tender Opportunity – Billcar Precision Engineering Ltd

Background – Billcar Precision Engineering Ltd, based in Shrewsbury, specialise in machining components for the automotive, aerospace, food, agricultural and quarrying sectors to name a few.

Opportunity – We wish to acquire a Solar PV installation with the following specifications:

· 100 kWp system

· Skylights to remain uncovered

· Scaffolding and access equipment to be included

· Skylight protection covers during installation only

Site visits if required can be arranged with the project manager detailed below.

Capability – Suppliers are invited to provide examples of similar installations undertaken in the past three years to demonstrate capability to undertake this project.

Selection Criteria – The contract will be awarded to the most cost-effective tender that meets the requirements of the tender and can be delivered within the planned timescales.

Payment Terms – Payment will be made in stages and agreed as part of the contract discussions. Anticipated payment terms to be included in the prospective supplier’s quotation.

Cost – To be stipulated in the prospective supplier’s quotation.

· Completed tenders to be received by the companies Project Manager via email no later than 12:00 noon on the 9th February 2021.

· Project timing plan to be included in prospective supplier’s tender. Timing plan to be agreed as part of contract negotiations.

Please ensure your formal quotation meets the following requirements: -

· Date

· Supplier company details.

· Purchasing company details and contact name.

· Specification of works.

· Quantities required.

· Unit/service cost.

· Total cost.

· Details of any discounts/rebates.

· Delivery information.

· Payment details.

· Any special requirements.

· Lead-time

· Evidence of previous projects carried out of a similar nature.

· Evidence of skills, experience and qualifications of the business.

· Contract Terms and Conditions.

· Health and safety arrangements.

· Estimated lifespan of the PV System and Components.

· Product Warranty on all parts and services.

· Estimated annual maintenance costs.

· Evidence of Employers and Public liability insurance is compulsory, quotations given without this will not be considered.

· Each quotation received will be evaluated on the above criteria and scored based on the: -

· Price - 60%

· Quality - 40%


Project Manager: Karen Pryce


Tel: 01743 450 044 Option 1

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